Professional proofreading and copy-editing services

‘Caroline returned the finished work at the exact time as she had promised. I liked the way Caroline answered my questions after the initial proofreading.’ Research Student


My fees for proofreading or copy-editing are worked out according to the level of intervention needed. I will assess each project individually and provide a quotation in advance.

Prices start from £7.00 per thousand words.

There is a minimum charge of £20.00.


What kind of editorial work do you need?

I will discuss your manuscript with you, the level of editing that you require and any timescales you have for the work.

Proofreading is a final check of your writing to get the best from your work. A fresh pair of eyes is always worth having to pick up on errors that, as the author, you can no longer see. It includes checking for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and titles/captions. It also involves checking for consistency in style, for example, in the use of numbers, capitals, hyphens and abbreviations.

‘Caroline’s attention to detail is outstanding, she has noticed things that even after many reviews of my work I have missed.’ PhD student

‘She picked up errors that even I, as someone who writes daily, missed.’ Kevin Littlewood, Author

Copy-editing, although including the same checks as for proofreading, has more detail in the brief. A copy-editor will often see the work at an earlier stage than the proofreader and will look at the flow and tone of the piece, making larger changes to the structure of the sentences. The copy-editor will also query obvious factual inaccuracies and check that the text and the captions in any figures/diagrams are consistent.

The SfEP has a Fact Sheet, Proofreading vs Copy-editing, which you may find useful if you would like more information about these two editing processes.

What is the format of your document?

Microsoft Word document: I will operate Microsoft ‘Track Changes’ to show any mark-ups on your document. You will be able to accept or reject each amendment separately.

PDF document: I will show amendments using the PDF Comments tools. It is more time-consuming to mark up a PDF document than a Word document and so the costs will be relatively higher.

Paper copy: I will mark up on paper using standard proofreading or copy-editing symbols and notes, or I will mark up according to your preference.



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