Editorial services

“The service has been excellent. Caroline’s attention to detail is outstanding, she has noticed things that even after many reviews of my work I have missed.” NMS, PhD student, Lancaster.

Types of manuscript and document:

  • Educational resources
  • Books
  • Online materials
  • Multi-author books
  • Distance-learning materials
  • Theses and essays
  • Short stories

The proofreading process:

I will keep in touch with you while I work and contact you to resolve any queries. Where needed, I will liaise with you to create a style sheet for your work.

I will check:
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Page numbers, page headings and chapter titles
  • Contents list against chapter titles, page numbers etc.
  • Illustrations, tables and captions
  • Spacing and line breaks
I will look for consistency in:
  • Spelling and hyphenation
  • Names and places
  • Layout and typography
  • Use of capitals and italics
  • Abbreviations
  • Use of numbers, times and dates
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Referencing


Although copy-editing includes the same checks as proofreading, it has more detail in the brief. A copy-editor will often see the work at an earlier stage than the proofreader and will look at the flow and tone of the piece, making larger changes to the structure of the sentences. The copy-editor will also query any obvious factual inaccuracies and check that the text and the captions in any figures/diagrams are consistent.

Recording amendments:

Word documents – I use Microsoft Word 16 and operate ‘Track Changes’ to show any mark-ups on your document. You will be able to accept or reject each amendment separately. Please go to the Proofreading tips page for more information about using Microsoft Word ‘Track Changes’.

PDF documents – I will show amendments using the Comments tools.

Paper copies – I can mark up on paper using standard symbols or marks and notes according to your preference.

Quotations and fees:

My fees for proofreading and copy-editing are worked out according to the level of intervention needed, and the method of recording. I will assess each project individually and provide a quotation in advance.

For documents that are over 6,000 words, I will provide a short free sample of work with the quotation. This will help you decide if mine is the right service for you.

I have a minimum charge of £25.

Caroline Barden proofreading services Click to contact me today for a fast, no obligation quote. I look forward to hearing from you.

The Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading has more information about proofreading and copy-editing. Please click here to view their FAQs page.