Professional proofreading and copy-editing services


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Caroline on our book, Twenty One: 21 Stories Of Women Who Shaped Our City. From the moment we first made contact to finishing the proofing of the book Caroline was professional and prompt. She also continually offered her help, support and guidance when we had specific questions and was fantastic at explaining her amends to someone not particularly used to the process of proofreading! We truly couldn’t have finished the book without Caroline’s support and we would recommend her services to anyone. The proofreading of the book elevated and polished the text. Thank you, Caroline!

The Women’s Organisation

Was the work returned to you at the appropriate time? Yes, I was delighted it was returned before the date promised as then I had extra time to work on it over the weekend.

Were the comments and amendments clear and helpful? Very – there was nothing I needed to follow up or that wasn’t clear.

Are there any other comments you would like to make?You were highly recommended to me and I am so grateful that you made the whole process so smooth, user friendly and supportive.  It has been such a challenge completing a PhD whilst working full time and you really helped me reach the finish line (pre-viva!!) in a stress-free way.

Jo J., Senior lecturer

We have found Caroline to be a very efficient and reliable proofreader, always keeping to promised deadlines. Material is always clearly marked up as requested with corrections/changes and we appreciate the considered queries. Caroline’s background in education has been a real bonus for us, bringing very tangible ‘added value’ to the task.

Black Sheep Press 

Caroline Barden’s proofreading was accurate, thorough, and unobtrusive. Equally important, it was delivered to the agreed deadline. I will certainly be using her services again.

Professor James Orrom, Umlauf & Orrom Industrial Design

Was the work returned to you at the appropriate time? It was. Caroline returned the finished work at the exact time as she had promised.

Were the comments and amendments clear and helpful? Yes. Particularly, I liked the way Caroline answered my questions after the initial proofreading.

Research Student

Caroline provides a helpful, friendly and highly skilled service. She picked up errors that even I, as someone who writes daily, missed; she also helped me iron out some of the infelicities in several sections of what was a fairly complicated fictional account of a historical period. Caroline can also tailor her proofreading to your specialisms; for example, some of the work she proofread for me is set in Paris in the 1700s, and requires detailed knowledge of how foreign words are transcribed by English-speaking publishing houses. Caroline showed me how to amend my work with great precision. Merci beaucoup, Caroline!

Kevin Littlewood, Author

It’s great to find a Proofreader who can pick up on your tone of voice and style as easily as Caroline. With a quick turn around too, you’re not left waiting around!

Heather de Groot, Marketing Freelancer, Blue Tang Consulting

Was the work returned to you at the appropriate time? Absolutely, it was much quicker than I anticipated it would be.

Were the comments and amendments clear and helpful? Yes, all very clear to understand.

Are there any other comments you would like to make? I went with Caroline because of both her understanding of my subject discipline and also because of her friendly approach. The service has been excellent. Caroline’s attention to detail is outstanding, she has noticed things that even after many reviews of my work I have missed.

NMS, PhD student, Lancaster


I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on my behalf. Your notes have all been incredibly helpful and useful.

CU, MSc Research Student, Cardiff University

Caroline Barden brings valuable and specialist skills to her proofreading work. She has an incredible eye for detail which, coupled with her sound grammatical and spelling skills, mean that she is extremely thorough.

Moreover, Caroline’s specialist knowledge over a wide spread of fields means that her proofreading is not just for the surface structure but is informed by her subject knowledge base. This ensures that her proofreading in maximally effective.

Caroline has proofread my final project reports, and manuscripts for publication for over 10 years. I have had excellent service from, and collaboration with, her – and our joint work has ensured the high standard of these publications and resources.

Finally, Caroline has a clear understanding that – to be maximally effective – proofreading work has to be done in a timely way. This strength combined with her excellent interpersonal skills means that her services are a valuable support for a wide range of authors in the social sciences, health and (dis)ability fields.

Dr Liz Dean, Consultant SLT

Director, Langlearn Specialist Speech and Language Therapy Services


I have known Caroline, in a professional capacity, for 8 years whilst she was employed at Arden College, an independent specialist provider for students with learning disabilities. All through that time Caroline was successfully involved in, and led on, the writing of policy and related documents that supported student progression. Whilst involved in this process she was also responsible for the quality assurance of the contributions from other staff and in the overall completion of these tasks.

One of the other important roles Caroline was responsible for was the creation and development of accessible documents and resources for complex young people; these resources enabled many students to take part in programmes whilst at college that were previously inaccessible to them.

In her role as Head of Care and the Extended Curriculum her contribution to provide accessibility was based on real life situations, and this required Caroline to be focused on the outcomes for young people and the creation of individual pathways. Caroline was very successful in all her areas of work and was very able at providing a very human face to her management responsibilities.

Mark Musselle
College Principal, Arden College